Modern Sauna

The Modern Sauna combines the traditional sauna experience with a modern design. Length and layout can be fully customized. Default lengths 2.3m and 3.4m but only limiting factor is width of 2.3m in order to load assembly on to the truck and delivered straight to final destination to your client.

Construction, outside and changing room cladding is made from certified European pine while sauna interior is cladded with finest alder wood. Thermal and noise insulation is provided by double glazed windows and 10 cm of stone wool in walls, ceiling and roof. Windows are available in panoramic (1620mm x 1600mm) and narrow (420mm x 1600mm) form factor. Door options include solid wood door with window and sliding glass doors. Roof is covered with premium Finish bitumen roll and is available with customizable overhang length and rain gutter options.

Choose our Modern Sauna, if you like to have a contemporary touch for your outdoor relaxation zone. Please refer to WP sales specialist for more product features and benefits.

Modern Sauna Models