Who we are

Wood Professional is manufacturer of high-quality wood-based products, designed for gardens, camping or other natural haven. Our products range from cozy grill-cabins, exquisite design saunas, beautiful pavilions to hot tubs. The products are made either of renewable, high-quality European pine or extremely long-lasting thermo treated pine. From Wood professionals Lithuanian office and factory located in Mazeikiai, through our extensive international dealer network, we serve many customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, UK, France and widely abroad.

Our aim is to produce exclusive high quality wood-based products that best fit in our customers’ home and environment and enhance their living. We seek to slow down the speed of life and help our customers to relax, restore the lost balance and enjoy the moment in a peaceful environment and afterwards go back with new energy and brilliant ideas for productive living. For this purpose, we take into account personal requirements and offer customer tailored solutions. Our customers can choose among various aspects of the design, such as dimensions, layout, type of windows and doors, insulation, terrace, etc.

What we do

We work in production premises of 2.000 m2 with modern professional equipment, which allows us achieving very precise measurements of the elements, and thus ensures easy assembly, solidity and excellent outlook of the product. Particular attention is paid to quality control at every stage of the production process: starting from the supply of raw materials, manufacturing and ending with the delivery of the product. Customer order is being taken and completed up to 2 weeks.

Our production department has been continuously investing into acquisition of new equipment. Also always works on developing new ideas to enhance the design and improve technical solutions of the products. The products are being produced according to drawings, strictly following the instructions and complying with quality standards. Every new product undergoes testing processes. Most of the materials used in the production process are certified and marked with CE.

What our competency is

Our team consists of open minded professionals, who are motivated for success and innovation, maintain know-how and have more than 10 years experience in sales management and production processes. We understand that our customers play critical role for our business success, therefore we take relationships seriously and aim for long-term partnerships. For this purpose, we are continuously working with new ideas to improve the service quality and develop the best wood based solution to meet growing expectations of our customers. We think that innovation is the main force of growing, that’s why we always search for innovative ways to be more efficient and better serve our clients.

Our business partners

What our business idea is

To produce exclusive, innovative, high-quality wooden products, exceeding expectations of our customers and enhancing their quality of living.

What we value and strive for

  • To create safe, positive and trustworthy environment for workers
  • To be responsible and show respect in every situation
  • To meet growing customers needs through excellence, flexibility and innovativeness
  • To maintain simplicity of the technological processes
  • To be open to new ideas and accept challenges
  • To be transparent and accountable to governmental institutions