Camping Pods

Camping Pod, also known as a Glamping Pod, is a great choice for outdoor living. It provides cosy, comfortable and spacious accommodation for up to 4-6 people. The exceptional shape of it blends into the landscape making the sight look very natural and appealing.

Camping Pods enable people to enjoy the great outdoors, therefore are very often chosen by the campsite owners and music festival organizers, who seek to provide their customers with more sophisticated and comfy type of tent.


Also Camping Pods can be perfectly used as beautiful garden or guest house, summer residence, home office, workshop, fishers’ cabin, beach hut, leisure spot or playhouse for the kids.

Produced from the best quality materials, Camping Pods truly represent the unique camping accommodation providing incredible leisure experience.

Camping Pod Type

Standard Camping Pods

We produce 2 types of the Camping Pods: Standard and Luxury-Insulated.

Standard Camping Pods are being produced with the wall thickness of 46 mm, width of 2.4 m (which allows delivering completely built Camping Pod by the truck from the Factory to the final destination) and 3.0 m (which needs to be delivered as flat-pack, but is more spacious and provides a possibility to have inside a WC/Shower room). Standard Camping Pods can be produced from the length of 3 m up to 5.9 m.

Luxury-Insulated Camping Pods

Produced from pine-wood with insulated structure; Luxury-Insulated Camping Pods are designed to be comfortable in different climate conditions. It ensures the Pod is warm, when it is cold outside. Luxury-Insulated Camping Pods, differently from Standard Camping Pods, can have a French style door not only in the front, but also on the side wall of the pod. Luxury-Insulated Camping Pods can be of 2.4 m or 3.25 m width and can be from 3.0 up to 5.9 m length. So of 2.4 m width Camping Pods can be fully completed in the factory and delivered to the destination and of 3.25 width require to be assembled in the determined place.

Materials used for production: Pinewood or Thermo- wood

Camping Pods are being produced from thermo-wood or pinewood. For production only the best quality Northern European Pines are used. Pinewood is light with regular texture, appreciated for their pleasant smell. Pines are denser, resinous, and therefore more durable than spruce. Pine-wood is flexible to use, suitable for painting and therefore is so widely used. Thermo-wood is produced using high temperature and steam. As a result of the thermo wood process, the dimensional stability, biological durability and insulation properties are improved. For roofing we use Finish company’s Icopal bitumen shingles, which are provided with 10 year warranty.

Camping Pod Models