Size: 2-6 people
Room: 2
Inside area: 14.73 m²
External dimensions: 3.25 m x 5.9 m
Height: 2.75 m
Timber: Pinewood
Wall: Pinewood panelling from inside and outside: 14 mm; Insulated side wall thickness: 126 mm; Insulated front-back wall thickness: 118 mm
Floor: Pinewood: 28 mm; Insulated floor thickness: 158 mm
Stone wool insulation: 100 mm (floor and walls)
Roof finishing: Finnish bitumen shingles
Window size: 700 x 900 mm
Door size: 1010 x 1820 mm
Terrace: the length is customized (for extra price)

  • Insulated pod walls covered with the bitumen shingles
  • Insulated pinewood floor
  • 1 double glazed opening window in the back wall
  • Danish double glazed door with the standard handle and the lock
  • Inside small room with the door (for a bathroom)
  • Terrace made from 28 mm impregnated decking boards (as extra choice)

Roof colors available:

Size of the pallet (WxLxH):
1p (1.2 x 5.9 x 2.6) 3200 kg