Sauna Pods

Sauna pod is a great choice for relaxing and spending great time with your family and friends.

Standard sauna pod is being produced from kiln-dried pinewood or thermo-wood; with a wall thickness of 46 mm and floor of 28 mm.

Pod’s height is 2.6 m, width – 2.4 m and length from 3.0 m to 5.9 m. Sauna pods can be enjoyed from 2 to 8 people.

Standard set of the Sauna Pod includes: pod walls covered with the shingles in a colour of your choice (colours available: black, red, green or grey); French style double glazed door with the lock and standard handle, floor from 28 mm pinewood boards, 1 tempered double glazed inside door, separating sauna and changing room, 2 benches inside sauna and 2 – in changing room, 2 portable benches for the feet rest and heat-resistant plates for heater/stove.

Also a customer may acquire the following sauna accessories: head rest, wooden bucket, wooden ladle, thermometer-hygrometer, sauna lamp and its cover, clothes hanger, back rest, protective fence and water tank for wood burning heaters.

Sauna pods can be delivered both ways: assembled or flat-pack. For those, who choose KIT, manual with visuals for easy assembling is provided.

Materials used for production

Pinewood and Thermo-wood

The origin of the wood is the forests of the northern countries. Thermo modification is proceeded in Finland. Thermo-wood is produced using high temperature and steam. Since no chemicals are added during the process, it contains only renewable substances. Thermo-wood is known for:

  • It is an environmental friendly choice
  • It is ecological – no chemicals are used
  • Maintains attractive appearance
  • Ensures biological durability and dimensional stability
  • Ideally suited for challenging environments and changing climate conditions

Sauna Pod Models