Sauna cabins

We produce Sauna Cabins from the fines quality dried rounded pinewood boards with the wall thickness of 45 mm, insulated roof of 81 mm and floor of 18 mm thickness.

Our cabins can accommodate up to 15 people, depending on the sauna size chosen. The Sauna sizes range from 7.0 up to 16.5 sq. meters and can be from 3360 mm to 3810 mm height.

Standard Sauna Cabin set includes: straight walls, separate floor panels, insulated roof panels covered with bitumen shingles, double glazed hexagon windows, wooden door with double glazed hexagon window, wooden handle and the lock, inside benches, back rests, safety fence, heat-resistant plates for the heater/stove and inside tempered tinted glass door in saunas’ with changing room.

If sauna-grill cabin is chosen, the standard set also includes: Standard BBQ SET with the table fitted around it and extendable chimney.

In addition, we offer Finish producer’s Harvia electric heaters and wood burning ovens. Harvia from a Finnish family enterprise (founded in Y1950) has developed into world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer and a forerunner in the sauna business, providing extensive range of sauna products for different needs.

Also the following sauna room accessories are available: head rest, wooden bucket, wooden ladle, thermometer–hygrometer, sauna lamp, sauna lamp cover, clothes hanger, protective fence and Water Tank for the wood burning ovens.

The Sauna cabin to the customer is being delivered packed on the pallet(s); for easy assembling the manual based on the images is provided.

Materials used for production


The sauna cabin is being produced from renewable European pines, which are among the most commercially important tree species valued for their timber qualities throughout the world.

The certified wood is being supplied from world wide well known wood producer Storaenso.

Supplied pinewood is accurately sawn, kilned and graded according to wood features.

Bitumen Shingles

For the Sauna cabin roofing Finish producer’s Icopal SBS modified and fiberglass 120 g/m² reinforced bitumen shingles are used.

The SBS modification adds flexibility, application strength and durability to the membranes of the shingles.

The bottom layer of the shingles is coated with adhesive bitumen.

On the sun heat, overlapping shingles stick to each other forming a hydro-insulating layer, which ensures excellent leak resistance of the roof.

Sauna Cabin Models