Sauna Buses

Sauna Buses, designed following the “Caravan” idea, are becoming increasingly popular Sauna type model among our customers. The main reasons are spacious sauna and ergonomic sitting room; also there is possibility to install a shower cabin in the Sauna Bus. Depending on the size chosen, up to 10 people can enjoy the sauna at once.

Sauna Bus is a great choice for enjoying bathing sensations and having a great time and snacks with your family and friends in the sitting room. Sauna buses have 2.3 m inside width and are being produced from 3.5 m to 5.9 m length with 2.6 m height.

Standard set includes: bus walls covered with the shingles in a colour of your choice – black, red, green or grey; wooden side door with the double glazed window, wooden handle and the lock; floor from 28 mm pinewood boards; double glazed opening pavilion window in the back side of the bus (sitting room);  2 tempered double glazed windows in the front of the bus (sauna room); tempered tinted glass door separating sauna and sitting/changing room; 2 benches (angle or straight) inside the sauna room made from Aspen or Black Alder and 2 portable benches for the feet rest (in sauna with angle benches); heat-resistant plates for heater/stove.

Also following sauna room accessories are available: head rest, wooden bucket, wooden ladle, thermometer-hygrometer, sauna light and it’s cover, clothes hanger, back rest, protective fence and water tank for wood burning heaters.

Sauna Buses are being produced with the width of 2.3 m, which allows delivering completely built product by the truck from the Factory to the final destination. However, a customer may also acquire a product as a KIT and may assemble it in the planned location, following the manual’s guidelines provided.

Materials used for production

Pinewood and Thermo-wood

Sauna Buses are being produced from Pinewood or Thermo-wood, with the wall thickness of 46 mm. The certified wood is being supplied from worldwide well known producer Storaenso.

Bitumen Shingles

For Sauna Bus roofing Finish producer’s Icopal  SBS modified and fibber glass 120 g/m² reinforced bitumen shingles are used. The SBS modification adds flexibility, application strength and durability to the membranes of the shingles. It also ensures excellent leak resistance of the roof.

Sauna Bus Models