Sauna Barrels

The shape of the sauna barrels originates from the “aging barrels”, which from the very beginning were used for fermenting wine and maturing other beverages. Because of this exceptional shape, the barrel is a very popular sauna building type, fitting nicely into one’s garden or the back yard.

We produce sauna barrels in two diameters: 1.97 m or 2.27 m, from pinewood or thermo-wood, with the wall thickness of 46 mm and floor of 18 mm. The height of 1.97 m Sauna barrels is 2080 mm and of 2.27 m Sauna barrels – 2380 mm. Sauna room accommodates from 2 to 8 people, depending on the barrel size chosen.

The barrels starting from the length of 3.5 m comes with 1.0 m changing room and from 4.5 m – with 1.5 m changing room.

The standard set includes: wooden barrel, stainless steel tightening bands, terrace of 0.6 m (possible without terrace), roof covered with the bitumen shingles, wooden door with tempered double glazed window, wooden handle and the lock, 2 tempered double glazed windows mounted in the front or in the back side of the barrel, a tempered tinted glass door (if the barrels with changing room), heat-resistant plates for the heater, 2 benches made from Aspen or Black Alder.

Besides the standard set, customer may have a tempered tinted glass door instead of the standard wooden outside door, Panoramic tempered glass for the half back or the entire back of the Barrel.

Also bitumen shingles for the barrels, which come built in the Factory can be replaced by the wooden shingles (made from Aspen).

In addition, we offer Finish producer’s Harvia electric heaters and wood burning ovens.

Harvia from a Finnish family enterprise (foundedin Y1950) has developed into world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer and a forerunner in the sauna business, providing extensive range of sauna products for different needs.

Also we offer a range of optional accessories such like: back rests, head rests, wooden bucket, wooden ladle, thermometer–hygrometer, sauna light and its cover, clothes hanger, protective fence, etc.

Materials used for production

Pinewood or Thermo-wood

The barrels are being produced from renewable European pines, which are among the most commercially important tree species valued for their timber qualities throughout the world. ​

The most modern log X-ray and automatic grading technology selects the best raw material.

The certified wood is being supplied from worldwide well known wood producer Storaenso.

Supplied pinewood is accurately sawn, kilned and graded according to wood features.

Bitumen Shingles

Half of the barrel is being covered with Finish producer’s Icopal SBS modified and fibber glass 120 g/m² reinforced bitumen shingles.

Main characteristics of the bitumen shingles:

  • Durable
  • Hermetic
  • Flame retardant
  • Minimize solar gain (UV protection)
  • Prevent from heat loss
  • Impervious to rain, snow and hail
  • Resistant to wind, frost and moisture
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Maintain long-lasting colour
  • Insulate from rain and hail noise
  • Prevent from mold, lichen and plant growth

Sauna Barrel Models