Inside/Outside; Ø Size; Water volume
Small hot tub with inside oven: Ø173cm; 1400 L

Ofuro hot tub without oven: Ø190×130 cm; 750 L

Wellness hot tub with integrated/inside/outside oven: Ø200 cm; 1300-1400 L

Deluxe hot tub with integrated/outside oven: Ø226 cm; 1650 L

Wood finishing: Pinewood
Pinewood wall thickness: 20 mm
Inside height: 85 cm
Ergonomic bench height: 30 cm
Bench width: 33 cm
Available colors:

  • Blue RAL5012
  • White/cream RAL9001
  • Grey RAL7015

Oven: Stainless steel wood burning oven with flue
Available oven fitting options:
Inside Oven

Outside Oven

Integrated Oven

  • Fiberglass hot tub with 14 mm pinewood finishing
  • Stainless steel oven with chimney
  • Fiberglass inside benches
  • Wooden protective fence for inside heater
  • Outlet valve for water outflow
  • 3 step pinewood stairs
  • Possible colours: Blue RAL5012, White/cream RAL9001, Grey RAL7015.
  • Fiberglass shell will not shrink or stretch.
  • Fiberglass shell has a low moisture absorption ratio.
  • Fiberglass shell has a low thermal expansion coefficient.

Assembled Hot Tub with Inside Oven (WxLxH):
(1.2 x 2.1 x 2.0) 350 kg

  • It is strictly forbidden to heat up the hot tub while it is empty or half empty. It is important to wait until the water reaches required limit – 10 cm to the top of the tub.
  • Use firewood, briquettes or other dry wood for heating. Do not use coal!
  • Use paddle to stir the water from time to time to heat up it evenly.
  • Use thermometer to estimate water temperature. Recommended water temperature for outdoor bathing is 36 – 38°C.
  • Each time after bathing, drain the tub.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drain water from the tub until the oven is hot.
  • In the cold season, when the temperature is below zero, it is required to drain the tub and the oven.
  • In case your oven frozen up, before firing, it must unfreeze.
  • This type of the hot tubs does not require special maintenance: use regular means for cleaning baths or pools.
  • We recommend cleaning the oven from the ashes each time after usage.
  • Treat the outside finishing of the hot tub with linseed oil or other wood impregnator at least once a year to extend the service life of the tub. The exterior of the hot tub can also be painted.
  • Do not use salted/sea water; because other type of steel is required for the oven (ask for manager).
  • Do not leave children and people with disabilities unattended during the whole process.