Kids Hut

„Meta“ kids hut will instantly turn your backyard into a wonderful playground. Your children will have lots of fun at this wooden playhouse, it  has everything a child could wish for, a ladder to get to your playhouse and a long slide to slide down. The frame on the bottom can be used as a sandpit (sand is not included in delivery). Kids hut has the highest platform level (123 cm). „Meta“ is a great playhouse for kids of 2 years and over. Roof colour: Black, Grey, Red, Green. Sandpit size: 180 x 209 cm (W x L) Porch: 180 x 72 cm (W x L) Door: 70  x 36 cm, Window: 25 x 30 cm, Slide length: 220 cm, Floor thickness: 28 mm and wall thickness: 45 mm.

The cozy kids hut is made from renewable European pines. The best quality of pinewood is light with regular texture, appreciated for their pleasant smell. For Kids Hut roofing finish producer’s Icopal SBS modified and fiber glass 120 g/m² reinforced bitumen shingles are used. The SBS modification adds flexibility, application strength and durability to the membranes of the shingles. Aviable colors: Black, Grey, Green and Red.

Kids Hut Models